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By clicking "SUBMIT", I agree to join the PediaSure Rewards Program, and I understand and agree that the information I have provided will be used by Abbott and its service providers to contact me by mail and/or email with helpful information and offers about PediaSure and other Abbott products.

*Offers may vary.


Abbott Nutrition offers the PediaSure Rewards Program. Generally speaking, Program participants will be eligible to receive coupons, promotions, offers and/or other benefits (including, but not limited to, benefits associated with the accumulation of points for engagement activities identified by us) that we extend to Program customers (collectively, the "Program Benefits"). In exchange for receiving Program Benefits, Abbott Nutrition uses the following types of personal information for eligible coupons, promotions, offers, and communications:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Child’s date of birth
  • Have you purchased PediaSure within the last year

Abbott Nutrition benefits financially from the Program through increased customer loyalty and sales, but we do not assign an independent monetary value to the Personal Information we collect in connection with the Program. Further, the precise value of your membership in the Program can vary greatly by individual and depends on (without limitation): (a) the number of dollars spent, and points accumulated, (b) the rewards redeemed, (c) whether someone is a regular or occasional customer of Abbott Nutrition, and (d) whether participants elect to collect points for product purchases. Some benefits to participants may also be intangible, such as the ability to streamline the ordering and/or payment process.

In general, however, Abbott Nutrition estimates in good faith that the value of the personal information that Abbott Nutrition collects through the Program would be less than the value that the Program provides to consumers. To the extent Abbott Nutrition calculates the value of the personal information it collects through the Program, it does so in good faith based on the expenses related to the collection and retention of personal information in connection with the Program.

By providing your personal information when signing-up for the Program, you are affirmatively opting-in to our financial incentive program.

If you wish to withdraw from receiving mailings or other communications through the Program, you may submit such a request by going to, or by calling 800-986-8793. Please mention the name of the Program.